St. Michael's Church
Waters Upton







St. Michael’s Church fundraising in 2014 

Many thanks and appreciation must go to all those people in the village who have given considerable time and effort in organising setting up and running these events, without whose help and support any such event would not be possible. Great thanks must also go to everyone in the village and surrounding area who turned out and gave generously at the different events. 

This year we have raised a considerable sum of money to support the Church this as detailed below: 

The Celebration Event at Waters Upton Hall –                £462.77

The Book Fair & Coffee Morning at Twin Oaks –             £438.07

The Curry Evening at the Village Hall –                            £552.81

The Flower & Scarecrow Festival 150Yrs Celebration - £1,565.81

The Harvest Supper and Auction -                               £1,209.95 

It has been said:

¨     Why all this fundraising?

¨     Why does the Church need so much money?

¨     What on earth do they do with so much money? 

It is thought by some that: “The church costs nothing and there is a grant to support the services.” 

I feel that it is therefore important that I share with you what we do with your money.

“The church costs nothing and there is a grant to support the services” - is a myth.

 (National and European grants are not available to religious bodies or institutions) 

Each Parish pays a Parish Share which is paid to the Diocese. In our case this is Lichfield Diocese and for 2014 we are expected to pay £6114.00.

(The Parish Share assists with funding to provide the clergy. It is calculated through a formula and is based on factors such as Parish population, service attendance and other elements.)  

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) in addition to the Parish Share is also responsible for the building and contents insurance which is £1330 per year. We then have the electricity direct debit of £22 each month. 

We generally do well to meet 85% of the £642 per month in outgoings from our collections, pledged giving, 100 Club and church fees for weddings and funerals when they occur. The other 15% we have to meet from our fundraising. In addition to these fixed monthly outgoings we have to meet the church maintenance costs such as roof repairs, heating repairs, Church organ refurbishment and this is when we then really begin to struggle. 

However this year, with your generous help and assistance we have now been able to build up a maintenance reserve of £2,600 which is the first time this has been possible in the last three years. 

Hopefully this gives a little greater insight why the PCC look to do some fundraising each year to keep St Michael’s Church here in Waters Upton in good order at all times. 

Huw Roberts
PCC Treasurer